Campaign Cocktail - Episode 2 - David Whitely, Gatwick Airport

March 24, 2017

David Whitely began his career as a journalist, uncovering stories and cutting his teeth in a newsroom.

Whilst uncovering scandals such as a home-made gas chamber for rescue animals, he learned the ropes of his trade reporting in the depths of the Aussie Countryside. Eventually, he  succumbed to a penchant for travel, and moved to Canada and London. In the latter city, he became a press officer for Which? and his campaigning journey began.

Later working for the Financial Services Authority during the Financial Crisis of 2008, where he drew up communications plans overnight for banks being closed the following morning, he ultimately returned home and spent four years working with the Western Australian Government – at the highest levels of election campaign and government communications.

These days, he’s back in London, heading up comms at Gatwick Airport as their tectonic battle with Heathrow for airport expansion continues to unfold.

In this episode of ‘Campaign Cocktail’, here how David got started in campaigns, what working on press in an election is actually like, and which of the organisations he worked for took him 91 days to get a press release signed off.

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Campaign Cocktail - Episode 1 - Chris Mitchell, ONE Campaign

March 3, 2017

Episode 1 - Chris Mitchell, the ONE Campaign

To kick off my podcast, the first episode is with Chris Mitchell, my good friend and a Press Officer for the ONE Campaign. ONE was set up by Bono as a mechanism for campaigning for social justice globally, and to reduce and eradicate poverty and disease around the globe. Chris' beginnings however, weren't quite so global - an honorary Mancunian, like yours truly, Chris began his career whilst doing a part-time internship at the Uni of Salford. Hear how he got involved in campaigning, the differences between local government and international development press offices, and what he thinks Trump, Brexit, and the current bombastic milieu means for campaigning.

The Pod

Campaign Cocktail is a one-on-one interview podcast, where I speak to UK campaigners about their careers and best campaigns, over their favourite cocktail. From PR to Politics, Advertising to Editorial, these programmes will go to the heart of what makes a good campaign and more importantly, what makes a good campaigner.

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February 17, 2017

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